Dr Martin Carree (M.A.)

Martin Carree is Full Professor of Industrial Organisation since July 2003. His research concentrates on applied econometrics, competition, entrepreneurship and innovation. PhD students:


  • André van Stel (2005): Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

  • Boris Lokshin (2005): Performance Effects and Complementarity of Internal, Cooperative and External R&D

  • Roberta Piergiovanni (2010): Empirical Studies of New Firms and Innovation in Italy

  • Andrea Günster (2010): On European Antitrust Enforcement

  • Kristin Kronenberg (2012): Relocation, Mobility and Migration

  • Antonio della Malva (2012): Essays on the Economic and Strategic Implications of Science

  • Nicolas Classen (2013): Innovation in Family Businesses

  • Harold Alvarez Alvarez (2014): Collaboration in Innovation

  • Martin Hud (2017): Empirical Studies on R&D, Innovation and the Business Cycle

  • Daan Westra (2017): Healthcare's Competition Conundrum