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At University College Maastricht (UCM), we prepared for a combination of on-site and online education. We are taking into account all COVID-19 related preventive measures and we are developing online options for students who cannot yet come to Maastricht due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The newest updates will appear at the top. To make sure you can keep track, we have highlighted a few particularly important messages that you can directly view using the menu below.

2021-2022 Education at University College Maastricht

Everyone | June 2021

As communicated earlier this week by the Executive Board of the University, we are looking forward to welcoming you back at UCM for education in the new academic year!

What will that mean for UCM?
We plan to return on-site for all tutorials. We plan to offer them without 1.5 meter distancing, which means full-sized tutorial groups. With our return to on-campus education, attendance in tutorials will become mandatory again, and all students are expected to be present in Maastricht.

Measures such as wearing face masks, walking routes, self-testing and staying at home if you have corona-related symptoms will continue as long as the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) requires.

It may be the case that you cannot come to Maastricht for corona-related reasons. For example, because you cannot travel to the Netherlands from the country where you are staying. For the small group of students who cannot be in Maastricht for documented and approved reasons, we will provide alternatives to ensure that study delays are avoided as much as possible.

Please rest assured that we will continue to follow all health and safety guidelines. Maastricht University will continue to monitor public health updates throughout the summer and inform you about these as they become available, so please keep checking UM communications.

We are ready to welcome you back to campus in August to continue on our educational journey together!

If you have questions about on-site education at UCM as of September, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Everyone | May 2021

Education period 5-6

On 20 April 2021, the Dutch government announced the loosening of measures for higher education institutions.

From the week of 26 April, students will be permitted to attend classes on campus one day a week. In anticipation of this UCM has added one optional student meeting to the schedule of each content course, next to the regular tutorial meetings that take place online. For most of you, this means that you can come to UCM for one of these student meetings that are in your schedule. You can decide which of these optional meetings you would like to attend onsite (online attendance remains an option for all meetings).

The university’s regulations state that you may be physically present for educational activities once per week, regardless of how long the activities last. It is not the case that you can spread the hours over a number of days, such as a student meeting on one day and another student meeting on another day. Most of your student meetings are on different days for each of your courses, therefore you will have to choose which meeting you want to attend on-site (if any). Of course, if all of your optional student meetings are scheduled on the same day, you may attend all of them onsite.

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Save the date: Bachelor Introduction days

Prospective students | June 2021

This page will be updated regularly, and the final schedule will be sent out a few weeks prior to the UCM Introduction days.

The UCM Introduction days will take place from Monday 23 until Wednesday 25 August 2021. During these days, you and your fellow students will learn essential and instructive information to prepare you for your academic career starting at UCM. During these Days, you will have the opportunity to get to know UCM, discuss and ask questions about Problem-Based Learning, and meet your fellow students. In addition to the necessary information sessions, there will be informal activities to make sure you have a great time.

The government has recommended organising educational activities without 1.5 meter social distancing as of August. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the UCM Introduction Days are expected to take place fully on-site. Attendance is mandatory of all incoming UCM students starting their studies in September 2021. The final schedule for the Introduction Days is not yet finalised due to the changing nature of governmental restrictions regarding COVID-19, so please keep your full days of 23-25 August open, including the evenings.

As of August, the maximum group size allowed indoors may still be limited, so some parts of the introductory programme might take place online. Furthermore, we will provide extra hand-cleaning and disinfection stations in the buildings. Measures such as wearing face masks, walking routes, self-testing and staying at home if you have corona-related symptoms will continue as long as the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) requires.

It may be the case that you cannot come to Maastricht for corona-related reasons. For example, because you cannot travel to the Netherlands from the country where you are staying. In that case, UCM will prepare an alternative online-only Introduction Days for students who are unable to join the on-site programme due to corona-related reasons. When you plan your travel to Maastricht, please pay attention to the Dutch governmental rules about a 10-day quarantine for new arrivals to The Netherlands, particularly if you are coming from outside the EU. You can find this information on the RIVM website.

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Zeta | 3rd year UCM student

“My first impression of UCM was its close-knit community. This community gave me a sense of ease, allowing me to adapt in a new environment and paving the way for a busy but exciting three years at UCM.”

A video message from the FSE Dean

Everyone | 15 June 2020

From the video: "We will offer an interesting mix of on campus and online activities. All programmes are very busy developing an interesting programme for you, which combines these two types of education."

"Some of you may not be able to come to our university, because you are still in the country where you live. Because we are developing online activities, this is not going to be a problem - you can join the online activities and will become part of our student community."

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Prof. Thomas Cleij
Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Improving ventilation in our buildings

Everyone | 12 June 2020

Maastricht University is being supported by Royal HaskoningDHV to determine the maximum occupancy per room and to optimize our ventilation systems as much as possible. 

When determining the occupancy per room, the university initially accounts for seven square metres per person. This is based on the government's 1.5-metre standard and the ventilation standard resulting from the so-called Building Code. Read more about the measures we're taking, and the considerations they are based on.

Facility Services team
Supports education, research and operations at Maastricht University

Safety at University College Maastricht

University College Maastricht is following the COVID-19 rules and regulations set by the Dutch government in order to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and visitors within the UCM building. In this instructional video, 3rd year UCM student Zeta takes you on a tour of the building and demonstrates the measures we need to take to ensure each other’s safety. If you plan to visit UCM, we ask you to respect these measures.

Safety in times of corona

How to wear a facemask

The Dutch government is making a strong appeal to the common sense and responsibility of our citizens in fighting the crisis: Together, we’ll get coronavirus under control in the Netherlands. On the website of the Government of the Netherlands you can find information about what the Dutch government – together with other organisations – is doing.  You can check out the current roadmap of measures against coronavirus, FAQs on health, read about the education sector and many more topics.

Safety in the city of Maastricht

The municipality of Maastricht is working with various think-tanks on how they can support citizens in what we call the '1.5m society'.  To ensure safety in the city centre the 'Ingel vaan Mestreech' shows you the way and there are friendly hospitality guides who are also happy to guide you in the right direction. You can have a look at the pedestrian plan in advance so that you are well prepared for the road. A full article about safety measures in the city centre can be found here (article in Dutch).

Follow the study in Maastricht website to find more general information about studying at Maastricht University in times of COVID-19.

We hope to welcome you

Everyone | 15 May 2021

We remain committed to the Maastricht University Student Experience - education where the focus is on the student. We make the most of the space we have on our campus to meet the needs of our students to come together in the ‘international classroom’ to collaborate, to socialise, to interact. After all, getting an education is about so much more than just earning credits!

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