Dr L.A.J.L.M. Schreurs - Braam

Teacher since September 2021 for the department of Epidemiology

Lavienja Schreurs-Braam studied Health Sciences in Maastricht with the specialisations Biological Health Sciences and Epidemiology (1997). With an internship at the National Institute of Public health and the Environment, she received her registration as Epidemiologist A. She did her PhD at the department of Biochemistry studying the role of vitamin K on bone and vascular health. After obtaining her PhD, she worked for one year at Danone Vitapole in Paris as projectleader on Nutrition and Health. Returning to Maastricht, she continued her career as senior scientist at the research company VitaK, a spin-off company of Maastricht University that focusses on clinical trials and diagnostics mainly in the field of vitamin K. In addition to her work for VitaK, she develops an own skin care line, called Vavin, based on her knowledge on skin biology and cosmetic ingredients. From 2014 until 2020, she works fulltime as an entrepreneur after which she decides to sell her company, Vavin BV, in 2020. She continues her work for Vavin BV as head product development. In the same year, she returns to Maastricht University, first in an assistant position on educational support and later on as teacher for the department of Epidemiology. In the past year she fulfilled a variety of teaching roles, namely as teacher for the training Critical Appraisal of a Topic in the bachelor of Medicine and as tutor for courses in the bachelor of Health Sciences and the master of Epidemiology.