Dr Judith Peters, Ph.D. (J.C.)

Judith Peters has a background in Cognitive Neuroscience and Computer Science. She aims to understand complex emerging properties of cognition, by studying neural mechanisms of perceptual and cognitive functions at various brain scales using neuroimaging (including human intracranial electrophysiology, EEG, TMS and ultra-high field fMRI) and modeling methods.

She is a certified Researcher (Good Clinical Practice & Article 9) and has high-impact publications on a variety of topics.              


She is a UTQ(BKO)-certified teacher at FPN (and FSE & FHML). Since her start in 1998 as teaching assistant, she gained extensive experience as lecturer, course developer, and coordinator (e.g., FPN coordinator external minors). Furthermore, she is co-promotor of PhD students, and she was co-organiser of international conferences/schools, guest editor, and reviewer of various international journals.