Interview with Lena Reichel, Student ambassador MA Media Studies: Digital Cultures 2023-2024


What is your background?
“Before the master’s I did the bachelor Arts and Culture at FASoS. I also have a degree in event management. During my internship, I worked for an AI-powered start-up database for sustainable business and green technologies. I was mainly in charge of their social media content creation and strategy. I helped to increase their followers, but I worked on creating meaningful engagement as well.”


Why did you choose this programme?
“I noticed that I like social media, and I like analysing social media, making reports to show how people react to certain types of posts. Digital Cultures teaches us about how social media affect our current society. I want to gain deeper knowledge about how digital media influences our daily lives and our behaviour.

Some of the practical parts are great too. It may sound strange, as this is a digital media programme, but we often work with analogue media equipment. It is interesting to work within certain limitations. For example, with a Polaroid camera, you only have ten photos per cartridge. This makes capturing moments more unique, and the photos can’t be shared a quickly as with a smart phone. It teaches you to appreciate the things you make.”

Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?
“I haven’t made up my mind yet. What I want to do later changes almost every day. This is a very versatile programme, which hopefully offers a lot of possibilities for the future. I can see myself working in an environment that is promoting smart solutions and digitalisation. Education is another field that I want to contribute to at some point. Perhaps a teaching position is something for me. But going back to the event industry is also an option, where I can implement what I am learning here.”

October 2023