Interview with Eleonora Pizzini, Student ambassador Research master European Studies 2023-2024

Why did you decide to choose this research master’s programme?
“I decided on this research master’s programme because Maastricht University has a great reputation, especially for European Studies. What really drew me in was the small, student-centred environment, and the flexibility to shape my own academic journey. Plus, there are so many extra activities, seminars, and opportunities to explore. In the second year, you can even opt for a double degree, an internship, or an Erasmus exchange.”

Why did you choose to study in Maastricht?
“Maastricht was an obvious choice for me. It's not just one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands; it's also incredibly diverse and international. Every day, you can hear people speaking a multitude of languages on the streets. It's a city that practically breathes international vibes.”

What do you hope to get out of this programme?
“I'm hoping to achieve two things. First, I want a strong theoretical foundation for my future career. Second, I aim to acquire the essential research tools for my field. The programme covers the basics and then lets us dive deep into topics we're passionate about. Right now, I'm working on my thesis, focusing on quantitative research in the energy field, which I believe will be incredibly valuable for my future.”

What would be your dream career?
“Initially, I was set on working for the European Commission. However, my master's has opened so many possibilities that I've adjusted my plans. Now, my dream career involves being a team leader in the renewable energy sector. I want a role that allows me to travel, conduct research, and learn hands-on in the field.”

October 2023