Interview with Camilla Notari, Student ambassador FASoS Pre-masters programmes 2023-2024

What is the pre-master course exactly?
“During the pre-master we get a mix of the main courses of the bachelor, and we get to write a bachelor’s thesis. So basically, it’s a one-year crash course in which you treat the fundamentals about Europe’s history and how Europe works. I completed the pre-master course last year and am now studying the master’s programme in European Studies – Global Policy and Governance Challenges.”

Why did you choose to do this pre-master?
“I did a bachelor’s in business economics in Italy. After completing this degree, I realised that my interest in political science was bigger than my interest in economics alone. And as I feel very European, I wanted to study in depth what the European Union is about. In Italy, there is not a great shared knowledge about what the European Union does and how it works. The more you learn about it, the more you realise it is embedded in our daily lives. So, I wanted to follow this pre-master’s course to gain the basic knowledge you need to get on board of the European Studies master’s programme.

Also, coming from Italy, I was used to lectures where the professor is talking to a few hundred people. Whereas here, students are really involved. The learning method is very interactive. During the pre-master’s programme, we learn how to work with the PBL system. Looking back on my pre-master, I can say that I did not only gain academic knowledge about the EU, but also gained soft skills like negotiation and public speaking.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
“I see myself working in various sectors. I want to represent Italy on international stages. I like negotiations, so I hope to work in a position that allows me to work on pressing issues – such as climate change, trade, or poverty. I think education is the one specific field that can help us to tackle these problems. I cannot solve everything, but I want to make the world look a lot better.”

October 2023