Interview with Arianna Roetta, Student ambassador MA Globalisation and Development Studies 2023-2024

Why did you decide to choose this programme?
“Before arriving in Maastricht, I completed a bachelor's degree in International Relations in my home country, Italy, with a specialisation in corporate development. Hence, it was a logical choice to opt for the master’s programme in Globalisation and Development Studies (GDS). This programme equips us with the skills to define and act on development issues. I selected Maastricht University because of its excellent reputation and the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) teaching method. The emphasis on critical thinking, expressing one's opinions, and engaging in debates strongly resonated with me. Moreover, the collaborative learning environment in small classes, the focus on research, and academic writing also played a significant role in my decision.”

What do you hope to get out of this programme?
“I hope to develop a more critical approach to the themes we are studying, acquire practical research skills, and enhance my ability to write academically. In the second semester, I can choose an internship to gain hands-on experience in the development field. As my thesis will focus on migration and refugees, I aim to complete my internship at a migration centre or with a Non-Governmental Organization that specialises in working with migrants, refugees and integration.”

What would be your dream career?
“My dream career would be in the development field, working for a global organization like Oxfam or the United Nations. These organizations make a difference by creating positive policies for development. I am also open to working for a government in a developmental role. In my future career, I want to help society develop sustainability, caring for both the environment and people’s well-being. I’m passionate about aiding communities, advancing gender equality, and addressing global problems in a way that benefits society.”

October 2023