Helma Kuijpers (H.J.H.)

After finishing her studie Biochemistry at HMLS Oss Helma Kuijpers started working as a research technician at Radboud Hospital in Nijmegen. She worked 7 years at the department Pathological Anatomy under supervision of Prof. dr. G.P. Vooijs. Her main project was the unravelling of nuclear matrix composition and the indentification of cytoskeletal proteins.

She moved to Maastricht University (Rijks universiteit Limburg) in 1991. Here she joined the research team of  Prof. dr. F.C. S. Ramaekers at  the Department of Molecular Cell Biology as an education/research officer.

She worked on nuclear lamins, apotosis  and on KCNQ1-ion channels  in collaboration with the departments of Dermatology and Cardiology .

In 2018 she moved to the Microscopy CORE Lab, mainly responsible for light microscopy and sample preparation.