Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Honours programme for bachelor’s students

The FHML honours programme is offered to a maximum of 75 talented and motivated FHML students, plus students from the University of Midwifery Education & Studies (AVMU). You can follow this extra-curricular honours programme, that is thaught in English, in the second and third years of your bachelor’s programme. It takes 420 hours over a period of 18 months in addition to your regular studies.

The aim of the honours programme is to provide you with:

  • the skills to contribute to the organisation of scientific research
  • competencies such as analysing, collaborating and leading a project
  • a better understanding of the complexity of the relationship between science and society
  • the opportunity to improve the skills you want to improve

What will you do?

As an honours student, you will follow electives, participate in workshops and lectures, and become actively involved in FHML research projects. Biomedical and social sciences, as well as historical and philosophical disciplines will play a contributing role. The programme aims to challenge talented students and to remove them from the comfort of their own education programme and discipline.

Each week, you will spend about 20 hours on the honours programme. Once a month, you will come together for two hours. The honours programme does not earn you any additional ECTS credits.

Research projects

Along with six to eight other students, you will work under the supervision of an FHML staff member on a project that involves healthcare.

Some examples of projects are:

  • The Alzheimer Centre Limburg: Living well with dementia
  • NOC * NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee): Is beet juice healthy or harmful? Does it help improve health?
  • Trimbos Institute: The paradox of medical marijuana
  • The International Network Inflammation: The first 500 days after conception, developmental origins of health and disease

Who can apply?

You can apply here. However, you cannot apply immediately. The programme starts in September and ends 18 months later.