20 Mar
15:00 - 18:00
Interested in built environment or multiple value creation?

Sustainability research exchange

UNU-MERIT. ICIS and GSBE organise a recurring research exchange: sharing knowledge about research related to sustainable development. In this meet-up two sustainability themes are central: (1) built environment & (2) multiple value creation.

Built environment (15.00-16:00)

The built environment contributes for approximately 36% to the EU’s CO2 emissions. Reducing energy use by changing energy-using behavior or energy-efficient buildings is urgent, but current retrofitting rates are low. Energy-efficient behaviour or energy-retrofitting one’s house are not yet mainstream. However, a sustainable building has financial benefits, such as reduced energy bills and an increased property value. And what about health benefits? Is an energy-efficient building automatically a healthy building? In this session we would like to explore the work done at UM to accelerate the energy transition in the built environment.


1.       Rabbe Dormans and Ruud Duijzings: Making UM’s real estate more sustainable.pdf

2.       Rick Kramer: Buildings and wellbeing.pdf

3.       Annemarie van Zeijl: ACE and ENLEB project.pdf

Multiple value creation (16:00-17:00)

The deepening of inequality and environmental destruction call for multiple value creation (MVC) by business and government. The solution lies in partnerships with an important role for NGOs and knowledge institutes and not in corporate social responsibility and shared value creation as a win-win-wonderland dream. Multiple value creation depends on impact measurement, social innovation and boundary management that help parties to pursue their goals and interests in ways that produce value for society. A complication is that it is easier to measure economic gain than social value. The incommensurability of environmental impacts adds further difficulties to valuation. At ICIS, we have begun a research line on multiple value creation which helps parties to work towards MVC through societal business models. We are also engaged in dialogues with local government about securing public value and MVC-based arrangements for the energy transition and circular economy. We have contacts with corporations (Philips, DSM) but not formal collaboration with them on the topic of business models for MVC.


1.       René Kemp: The idea of multiple value creation.pdf

2.       Josse Kunst (owner and founder of Kiduara): Creating value for a circular business chain. A personal view on challenges and opportunities.pdf

The presentations will be 15 mins each with room for questions afterwards.

At the end of this meeting there will be drinks.

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