22 Nov
18:00 - 19:30

Student-Meet Vol. 10: Embrace your Fears and Dare to Succeed

Panel Discussion & Informal Q&A, by Lena Gromotka (EDLAB) and Liam Paulissen (UM Psychologists)

Failure, though undeniably unpleasant, is an inevitable part of life. Whether it's failing exams, disappointing friends, or missing goals, we've all been there. Yet, why does failure hit some of us harder than others? Why does the fear of failure hold us back from even trying? Why does it often leave us feeling utterly consumed?

If you’re seeking ways to navigate and conquer the fear of failure, join the next Student-Meet at EDLAB! Fellow students will talk about their experiences, share tips and answer questions. Embrace your failures and forge a path to triumph. Dare to succeed.

This EDLAB event is organised in collaboration with the UM Wellbeing Movement during Wellbeing Week 2023.

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