1314 Jun 2019

Psychological Perspectives 2019

Psychological Perspectives, a conference about future perspectives as a Psychology graduate - in the broadest sense of the word.

See last year's programme.

Psychological perspectives consists of several parts including:

  • Workshops on professional skills, delivered by professional psychologists who are mostly FPN alumni
  • Talks by PhD students about careers in science
  • A Science Fair demonstrating FPN research topics and methods
  • Media presentations, the fruits of the students' hard labour!

You are kindly invited to join us at a two day student conference Psychological Perspectives for our first year students, which is held at the end of every academic year. During this conference, students can get acquainted with future career options as an academic psychologist by attending workshops. In these workshops, students are not only informed about the kinds of jobs psychologists work in, but they also get a first taste of what it is like to work as an academic psychologist in a professional environment, and receive training in relevant professional skills. Information which is very relevant for first year students.

We hope you are interested to accept the invitation of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience to you as an alumnus to deliver a workshop for our current first year bachelor students. By giving a workshop, you have the opportunity to present your own work and to put your organisation or company in the spotlight. But of course, it is also a fun and rewarding way of reflecting on your own career so far. To allow students to attend several workshops of their interest, the workshops are scheduled in three or two consecutive parallel sessions of 1 hour each. Please find last year’s programme above for an impression of the contents of the Psychological Perspectives conference.

If you have a nice idea for an interactive workshop on some relevant aspect or some specific skill in your work, please join us on either the 13 or 14 June 2019.

Please let us know if you would be interested in giving a workshop by contacting Irma Kokx, tel. +31 (0)43 3881511, e-mail: i.kokx[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl.