08 May

PhD Defence Valerio Stallone

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Dominik Mahr, Prof. Dr. Martin Wetzels

Keywords: Blockchain in Marketing, Marketing Technology, Advertising Technology, Innovation Decision Process

"Blockchain Reactions: The Marketing Trek from Knowledge to Decision"

This dissertation serves as a comprehensive guide on the transformative journey that blockchain technology (BCT) brings to marketing and advertising. It starts by grounding the reader in the foundational aspects of BCT, providing a knowledge base crucial for both scholars and practitioners keen on exploring this burgeoning field. As the discussion evolves, it leverages data-driven methodologies to foster a deeper, nuanced understanding of BCT's applications, especially in facilitating the transition from theoretical awareness to practical, actionable insights. The narrative further explores the impact of BCT on digital advertising, challenging traditional strategies and urging late adopters to reconsider their approaches. The study culminates by presenting empirically supported frameworks that guide stakeholders contemplating full-scale adoption, ensuring informed decision-making. This dissertation bridges gaps between academic research and practical implementation and outlines a cohesive agenda for future research, reinforcing the trek from knowledge to decision that is central to understanding and leveraging BCT's potential.

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