26 Jun

PhD Defence Mathilde Catharina Tubbergen

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Arjen Leerkes, Prof. Dr. Paul Frissen

Keywords: Procedural legitimacy, return, asylum seekers

"Leuker kunnen we het niet maken, wel duidelijker: Een onderzoek naar de ervaren procedurele legitimiteit in het Nederlandse asielproces"

Return policies are a hot topic in the public discussion of asylum. Political parties and citizens on the street have an opinion about it. The views vary widely and range from 'Everyone may live in the Netherlands, the world knows no borders' to 'Let's get all those “fortune seekers” out of the country'. However, everyone agrees that the return policy needs to be better. It is well known that the effectiveness of return policies largely depends on the asylum seekers themselves and their willingness to cooperate. After all, forced return is a difficult process with many obstacles, while voluntary return is almost always possible. This research is about asylum seekers themselves, how they experience the asylum process (perceived procedural legitimacy) and to what extent this influences the extent to which they want to return to their country of origin after a rejection. 

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