24 Oct

PhD conferral Steffi Kohl

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Jos G. A. M. Lemmink

Co-supervisor: Dr. Mark Graus

Keywords: Team Communication; Social Signals; Creative Problem-Solving; Visual Support Systems

"Making the Invisible Visible: Improving Collaborative Problem-Solving Through Social Computing"

This thesis delves into the fascinating world of team dynamics and communication. It uncovers the hidden power of social signals in understanding how teams work together. By studying real-world teams, this research reveals that different stages of creative problem-solving have their unique "sociometric DNA," which can be thought of as a distinct fingerprint for each interaction style.

A notable contribution lies in the development of a real-time visual support system aimed at enhancing online team meeting communication. Picture a digital assistant that enhances team performance while respecting privacy boundaries. This research underscores the feasibility and effectiveness of such systems, particularly during brainstorming and idea-generation sessions.

In practical terms, this work offers valuable tools for designing context-aware systems and visual support tools that can help teams work better together. It emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, paving the way for future research into the intricate world of team communication.

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