12 Jul

PhD Conferral Mrs. drs. Rianne C.J. Beckers

Supervisors: prof.dr. R.G.H. Beets-Tan, prof.dr. G.L. Beets
Co-supervisor: dr. D.M.J. Lambregts

"Texture analysis in colorectal liver metastases; A potential imaging biomarker"

Patients with colon cancer are at risk of developing metastases on the liver. A CT scan is conducted to detect these metastases, the results of which are then visually analysed by a radiologist. Texture analysis is a method to analyse those same CT images using relatively simple mathematical models, without causing any additional discomfort for the patient. This method also provides more information about the structure (texture) of the liver and any metastases that may be present. According to the results of this dissertation, this information can provide greater insights into the progression of the disease and may even help to predict it. CT texture analysis can therefore help to identify patients with an increased risk of developing liver metastases in the next six months.