05 Jun

PhD conferral Ming Li

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Jaap W.B. Bos, Prof. dr. Pierre Mohnen 

Keywords: technical change, adjustment costs, skill premium, labor market policy

"Economic Growth in the Face of Changes"

Because of the fast development in technologies, our lives have been constantly changing and the impact of changes on labor markets is essential for economic growth and inequality. This dissertation explores the relationship between economic growth, inequality, and the challenges in adapting to changes in the labor market. The study focuses on understanding the difficulties workers face when their skills need to change or when they need to switch to different industries. It examines how these adjustments affect productivity, wages, and the perception of technological changes that favor certain skills. Additionally, it explores the obstacles workers encounter when trying to move between different industries due to factors like high costs or specific skills needed in particular industries. The research also discusses the role of labor market policies in managing unemployment and inflation. It considers the trade-offs involved and the challenges of implementing effective policies. Overall, the dissertation highlights the importance of understanding and addressing these challenges to achieve both economic growth and a fairer society.

Language: English

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