27 Sep

PhD conferral Johanna Schmitz-Peiffer

Supervisor: Prof. dr. T. Schils

Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Nübold

Keywords: Personality, Vocational Orientation, Adolescence

"The Power of Personality: The Role of the Big Five for Adolescents’ Career Choices and Expectations"

This study explores the significant role of personality traits in shaping adolescents' academic and career outcomes. Recognizing that personality influences academic success and career choices, this research underscores the importance of both students and advisors, like teachers and counselors, understanding personality traits' impact. Research reveals that adolescents' personality traits predict school achievements, learning strategies, and activities. To address this, the study introduces the Contextualised Personality Inventory for Adolescents (CPIA), offering a unique approach tailored to the adolescent context. While the intended facet structure was not replicated, the CPIA exhibits validity in capturing personality dimensions. The longitudinal analysis demonstrates the CPIA's predictive value in vocational guidance. Chapters 4 and 5 delve into the connection between personality traits, graduation expectations, and vocational decisiveness. Conscientiousness and Openness emerge as key predictors for success, while the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on personality traits and career outlook is also assessed.


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