22 Sep

PhD conferral Eveline Vandewal

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Arno Riedl

Co-supervisor: Dr. Teresa Schuhmann

Keywords: Strategic reasoning, theory of mind, information search


"Reading Minds: Behavioral and Neuroeconomic Experiments on Strategic Reasoning"

This dissertation is concerned with gaining a deeper understanding of individuals' strategic reasoning, i.e., the type of reasoning that is necessary in situations in which individuals' outcomes depend not only on their own choices but also on the choices of the individuals with whom they interact. To achieve this, this dissertation analyses the results of three experiments that investigate (i) the role of two brain areas in strategic reasoning, (ii) the differences in individuals' information search patterns in strategic situations, which are assumed to reflect their strategic reasoning, and (iii) the adjustment of these information search patterns in the presence of reciprocity. The results of this dissertation can be used to improve existing models of strategic reasoning, as well as to build upon in future experimental research.

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