02 Feb
15:00 - 17:00
Maastricht Foundations of Law

Panel discussion on ‘The Polish Constitutional Tribunal and the Rule of Law: Theoretical and Practical Reflections'


Since 2015 the Polish legal order has been subject to constant constitutional turmoil, which is a topic of intense legal debate as regards the relationship between the European Court of Justice and highest national courts. Given recent political developments in Poland, the topic is of such importance that it requires further consideration, also from theoretical and comparative perspectives, in order to fully grasp the current situation of Poland in the European Union context.  Taking account of such perspectives would among others entail a comparison of the Polish case with similar conflicts from the past involving other EU Member States, as well as a theoretical consideration of the rule of law as one of the core values of the European Union. Such a presentation of the matter is expected to be compelling to everybody who wishes to discover more about the relationship between constitutional norms and treaty obligations of EU Member States.

For all these reasons, a lecture-discussion in a panel setting will take place to stimulate the debate on this important topic by bringing together distinguished experts from both legal practice and academia. The invited and confirmed speakers are Marcin Matczak (Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Warsaw), Sacha Prechal (Professor of Law at Utrecht University, and Judge at the European Court of Justice), as well as Dr. Matteo Bonelli (Assistant Professor EU Law at Maastricht University).


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