•   37 Jun
  • 5 Jun 09:30
    - 19:00

    Courts and Internet Governance

    This conference builds on an initial exploration of the topic of decentralization held at the Faculty of Law at Oxford University in March 2019.

  •   67 Jun 12:30
    - 13:30


    Democracy promotion, economic governance and geopolitics: Where next for the EU’s regional integration project with its eastern neighbours?


  • 6 Jun 13:00
    - 17:00

    More than just a game

    A workshop organised by Queen Mary University of London and Maastricht University

  • 7 Jun 10:00
    - 17:00

    7th International IP Congress: “Recent IP developments in Europe”

    Queen Mary University of London - Universidad Autonoma de Madrid - Maastricht University

  • 11 Jun 09:30
    - 15:00

    Fair Mobility conference

    Interest in fair mobility is growing. Fair mobility ensures that employees who work across borders are rewarded as they should be, but are also socially insured and taxed in the right place. Not only is this in the employee’s own interest, but it also helps to prevent undesirable competition between employees. Too often, unfortunately, there is unfair mobility, including in border regions.

  • 13 Jun 10:30
    - 15:15

    Science, Transparency and Independence

    The Revised Rules on EU Risk Assessment on Food and EFSA

  •   1721 Jun
  • 17 Jun
  • 18 Jun
    Study information

    UCM - Experience Day - June 2019

    During an Experience Day, prospective students get in-depth information from UCM staff members and students about the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. Current UCM students are present to tell you all there is to know about student life in Maastricht and you will have the opportunity to experience our small-scale interactive education method: Problem-Based Learning (PBL) yourself.

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