24 Jun

Online PhD Defence Ferdi Widiputera

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Wim Groot, Prof. Dr. Kristof de Witte

Keywords: Diversity, Higher Education, Program Attractiveness, Student Satisfaction

"Diversity in Higher Education: Insights and Implications"

This dissertation research examined diversity in higher education institutions and its impact on student outcomes such as enrollment, retention, and graduation. The dissertation aimed to provide evidence-based recommendations for policymakers and educational institutions to improve diversity by analysing the factors that influence these aspects. The research in this dissertation highlights diversity trends at different levels of education and underscores the need for tailored strategies to promote diversity. Factors such as program attractiveness, student satisfaction, and dropout rates were examined to understand their impact on student success. The research aimed to shed light on the complexity of students' decision-making processes and provide insights for creating more inclusive environments in higher education institutions.

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