14 Jun

Online PhD conferral Sumit Kumar

Double Doctoral Degree Maastricht University - Hasselt University

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. R.A.C. Ruiter (Maastricht University, the Netherlands), Prof. Dr. K. Brijs (Hasselt University, Belgium)

Co-supervisor: Dr. V. Ross (Hasselt University, Belgium)

Keywords: road traffic crashes, India, motorized two-wheeler (MTW), young rider

"Explaining Risky driving behaviour among the young motor riders in Manipal, Karnataka, India: A psychosocial study on objectives for educational interventions"

Road traffic crashes have emerged as the new public health threat in India and many other developing countries. With a population of nearly 1.37 billion people, India now faces the worst-ever road congestion in most cities and towns, and Indian roads have become more vulnerable to road crashes. Young MTW (motorized two-wheelers) riders are more vulnerable to road crashes due to a lack of experience in comprehending, assessing and responding to hazards. Young riders in the age range of 18-25 years contribute to more than half of total fatal crashes. The current research was based on the Indian university town of Manipal with a sizeable young student population in this age range. Manipal is home to the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), and it hosts approximately 30,000 young students from all across India and 60 countries all over the world. The overall aim of this dissertation is to understand the risky riding behaviour among young, motorized two-wheelers in Manipal, Karnataka, India. A comprehensive understanding of these factors is necessary, given that little is known about risky riding behaviour and its psychological implications in India. Furthermore, the resulting information can inform interventions to promote less risky or safer riding among young motorized two-wheelers in Manipal and similar settings.

 Language: English             

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