22 Jun 2019

This Is Not a Design Conference 2019: HUMAN - NATURE

Our planet’s wellbeing involves nature as well as humans. The health of our environment is connected to our personal health. Today we are challenged by severe environmental problems that are primarily caused by human activities: Global warming, soil deterioration, waste increase and the ever-growing amounts of mouths to feed. It is time to think about how we can design and sustain a healthy planet.

Through talks, workshops and a panel discussion you learn about how our inventions influence nature and how nature influences our inventions. What will be the design of our future cities and can we feed 9 billion people while respecting our planetary boundaries? As an audience member, you are invited to ask critical questions and work on solutions using the Design Thinking method.

The third This Is Not a Design Conference is organised by Maastricht Disrupt made up of students of UM & Hogeschool Zuyd and Cube Design museum Kerkrade.