1 Feb 2018
UM Star Lecture in The Hague

Is the Netherlands better off with liability laws?

Just dumb bad luck: for many, this concept no longer exists. ‘Bad luck must be gone’ is their leitmotif; liability laws are their refuge. What once was considered to be an act of fate is now considered to be another's responsibility. You have done something to me, so I will drag you to court. This causes social relationships to take on more of a legal nature. It seems that social cohesion is changing into a more business-like cohesion. Is that the type of society we want to become? Ton Hartlief discusses the pros and cons of claim culture in the Netherlands and how it is developing in comparison with the well-known ‘American situation’ (Lecture is in Dutch).

About the speaker


Ton Hartlief (1966) is an Advocate-General at the Supreme Court and a professor of Private Law at Maastricht University (since 2001). In 1994, he got his PhD with a dissertation on termination due to non-performance. His interests lie in the areas of ​​property law in general, and liability and compensation law in particular. He is editor-in-chief of the journal Aansprakelijkheid, Verzekering & Schade and is a member of the editorial board of the Nederlands Juristenblad.