18 Mar 22 Mar
09:00 - 17:30

Master Class on Privacy Management and Data Governance

This master class providing practical guidance on how to successfully implement a comprehensive data governance model and clearly define key roles and responsibilities of those involved in the personal data governance process in an organisation in line with the application of the principle of “accountability”.

During the one-week programme leading privacy professionals with years of senior leadership experience will provide practical guidance on how to successfully implement a privacy data governance model in your organisation.

This programme is a compulsory five-days executive training for those who want to obtain their Professional University Diploma on Privacy Management. The programme is also highly recommended for those want to follow a specialised and intensive programme on how to successfully implement a Privacy Management Programme in an organisation.

  • The executive week masterclass is the key building block for obtaining your Professional University Diploma. Or just book and attend this masterclass as a one-week training to deepen your knowledge
  • Keen on just a part of the programme? Book and join the sessions of your interest.
  • Use this course to re-validate your ECPC-B EU DPO/ ECPC-HA DPO Certification!
    By following at least two training days you gain sufficient training hours for re-validating your professional certificate for another two years. YOU CAN NOW ALSO BOOK SINGLE MODULES OF THE PROGRAMME!

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