21 Jun
09:30 - 17:30

MaCSBio Science Day 2024 | Multi-scale modeling of biological systems

It is our pleasure to invite you to our MaCSBio Science Day 2024. The theme of this year’s science event is: Multi-scale modeling of biological systems.

Our programme contains exciting keynote lectures on the theme, Systems Biology master's students presenting their thesis work, MaCSBio staff presenting their latest research and poster sessions.

You are welcome to attend and participate in the scientific discussions of our annual Science Day. MaCSBio will present current and future research during this extraordinary day. Moreover, lectures will be given by invited prominent scientists on the latest developments in their respective areas of systems biology research.


09:30Registration and coffee
10:00Opening and welcome by Renaud Jolivet, Full Professor at MaCSBio, Maastricht University
10:10Keynote 1 | Multiscale modeling of biological systems: how the microenvironment coordinates plant and animal tissues and the microbiota
Roeland Merks, Professor of Mathematical biology at the University of Leiden 
11:10Highlight presentation 1 | Multi-scale modelling of plant growth processes
Ruth Groβeholz, Assistant Professor, MaCSBio at Maastricht University  
11:40Short coffee break
12:00Systems Biology Master student presentations

Introduction by Gavin Hazell, Associate Professor and master's programme director at Maastricht University.

Going Undercover: The Role of Juxtaparanodal Potassium Channels in Axo-Myelin Plasticity | Sonia Balan

Influence of Spatio-Temporal Variability on the Maintenance of Coral Coexistence | Eliot Hall 

MicW2Graph: Building a Knowledge Graph of the Wastewater Treatment Microbiome and its Biological Context | Sebastián Ayala Ruano 

Trajectory-based differential expression analysis of genetic subtypes of Parkinson's Disease throughout differentiation to dopaminergic neurons | Luca Farinola
13:00Lunch / poster session | Posters displaying ongoing Systems Biology research across Maastricht University 

Takes place at MaCSBio offices on the 3rd floor, North tower PHS1
14:30Keynote 2 | The genetics of human brain asymmetry and handedness
Prof. dr. Clyde Francks, head of Imaging Genomics research group at the Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
15:30Highlight presentation 2 | Imaging GWAS
Daan van Beek, PhD candidate, MaCSBio at Maastricht University
16:00Closing and invitation for drinks and networking sessions by Renaud Jolivet  

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