22 Jul 2021

KEMTA masterclass: Tips & tricks for writing a successful ZonMw Efficiency Studies grant application

KEMTA organises an online masterclass “Tips & tricks for writing a successful Efficiency Studies grant application” (in Dutch). The deadline for submitting a project idea for the ZonMw Programme Efficiency Studies is 7 September 2021 before 14.00 CET.



During this masterclass, Prof. M. Joore, head of the KEMTA department, explains what you should pay attention to when writing the project idea. Dr. Brigitte Essers, senior researcher at the KEMTA department, will discuss the criteria of relevance and quality specific to the Programme Efficiency Studies. Dr. Daniel Keszthelyi, Internal Medicine, has been awarded a number of efficiency studies grants and will talk about his experience as a project leader. Finally, dr. Vivian Braeken, Funding Advisor at the FHML Research Office, discusses the procedural aspects of submitting a grant application. 

To register, please email the secretary of  KEMTA:  irene.vrancken[at]mumc[dot]nl