18 Apr
16:00 - 17:30

Jean Monnet EU Migration Law and Governance Lecture Series 

Ellen Desmet - Lecture Title : "Leaving the legal kitchen. Insights from socio-legal studies on migration law".

Jean Monnet Lecture Series:

  • This freely accessible, hybrid, 3-year Jean Monnet lecture series (2024-2026) will feature scholars working on (areas connected with) migration law and governance from interdisciplinary and/or critical perspectives, as well as relevant policy-makers, civil society, and societal actors.

  • A number of lectures and debates provide insights to current legal and policy developments at EU level, such as the New Pact on Migration and Asylum. The series also features contributions on the interaction of EU migration law with international refugee, migration, statelessness, and human rights law. Finally, other talks provide novel conceptual insights to the study of migration, such as decolonial or interdisciplinary approaches.

  • The lecture series is convened by Dr. Lilian Tsourdi as part of the Jean Monnet Chair on EU Migration Law and Governance she holds at the Faculty of Law. The series is organised in cooperation with the research centers and groups MCEL, MACIMIDE and Glaw-NET

We cordially invite you to the upcoming lecture of the Jean Monnet EU Migration Law and Governance Lecture Series.  On 18 April our speaker is Ellen Desmet, associate professor of migration law at the Faculty of Law and Criminology at Ghent University, where she founded the Migration Law Research Group (MigrLaw). Her research is situated at the intersection of migration law, human rights and legal anthropology. 

What are benefits and challenges of conducting interdisciplinary, empirical research on migration law? Which different ways and levels of interdisciplinary interaction can be identified? And how to combine empirical and doctrinal research?

This lecture engages with these (and other) questions, illustrated with concrete research projects in the fields of asylum, family reunification and economic migration.

The series will take place physically and online. The Zoom link for the online sessions will be distributed later. Drinks will be served afterwards.

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