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09:00 - 17:30
Call for abstracts

IP & Competition in an era of AI and Data: Assessing global trends from a comparative & interdisciplinary lens

The accelerated pace of innovation in the era of Generative AI (Gen AI) brings forth many questions at the intersection of intellectual property, competition and regulation. The role of platforms and data, and more recently the rise of Gen AI, shape our increasingly digital economy in a way that requires a reconsideration of conventional wisdom about the working of markets as well as of competition law on multiple regulatory fronts.

The legal responses and the enforcement activities require new conceptual and theoretical frameworks, grounded in sound law and economics principles, in order to create an effective and cohesive framework for the digital economy. 

To unknot this complex debate on innovation in the digital age, we encourage participants to submit abstracts dealing with and related to the above-referred issues from an inter-disciplinary perspective.

Please see the detailed call for papers, available here. Click here to download the flyer. 

Suggested topics include: 

Topic 1: Artificial Intelligence, IP and Competition
Topic 2: Regulatory Policy for our AI-fueled Digital Economy Future
Topic 3: Geopolitical aspects of innovation 
Topic 4: The Role and Economics of Digital Infrastructure in the Age of (Gen) AI
Topic 5: New forms of competition analysis for digital markets: market definition, monopsony power, exploitative abuses
Topic 6: Balancing openness versus protection and secrecy
Topic 7: Relative dominance and market power 
Topic 8: Theories of harm in the Digital Markets
Topic 9: Generative AI Use Cases and (Mis)-use Cases
Topic 10: Privacy and Consumer Protection 
Topic 11: Information Exchange and “Algorithmic Collusion” 
Topic 12: Standard Essential Patents, Competition and Innovation 

Please submit an extended abstract here, of about 1000 words latest by 30th June 2024. The abstract should clearly state the research question, methodology, and key findings. Please also identify which amongst the above-referred topic best align with your proposed research paper. 

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Important dates:
Submission of abstracts: 30th June 2024
Notification of acceptance: 12th July 2024
Submission of final papers: 25th August 2024
Date of conference: 5th & 6th September 2024 (hybrid – online & in-person, registration available as of July 2024)