6 Apr 08:30
- 17:00

Innov-AI-tion Law for Technology 4.0



The European and global society is gradually transitioning into the fourth industrial revolution, marked by an exponential technological advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as works of art created by AI systems, algorithmic decision-making and autonomous vehicles. The profound transformation of our society creates a pressing need for a clear legal framework that the EU is currently seeking to develop within Digital Single Market.

Direct relation to research at UM:

The conference undertakes to respond to the quest for establishment of a regulatory framework by putting to debate questions still unsolved that touch upon several fields of law:

  • (i) Private law: What types of regulation should govern AI liability, and which actors should be involved in these regulatory approaches?
  • (ii) IP law: Who should hold copyright over works of art created by AI agents and can AI-generated inventions be patented? How does the IP and data interface work in the context of AI?
  • (iii) Privacy law: How to protect privacy and ensure accountability for decisions taken by autonomous AI agents affecting humans (e.g. automated tax decisions)?

The conference will be composed of three panels, tackling respectively the questions of private law, IP and privacy. The concept of the conference is rather unique, as each topic will be covered by two presenters having different backgrounds (one from law and another from technology). The two speakers will then use their contributions to prepare a paper together, to be published after the conference on an edited volume.

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