10 Oct 13:00
- 19:00
Hosted by the Elverding chairs on Sustainable Business, Corporate Regulation and Culture

ICGI and ECCE Student Conference: Shareholder Engagement


Engagement between shareholders and the company forms an important element of corporate governance in listed companies. Engaged shareholders enhance corporate oversight and control over the board of directors. This is also underlined in the recently restated Shareholders Rights Directive. However, active shareholder engagement also creates tension between shareholder rights and the autonomous role that the board has in most jurisdictions, especially those adhering to the stakeholder model. Shareholders are stimulated to engage and exercise their rights. However, the stakeholder model dictates that they should not have a decisive vote on the strategy of the company.

These challenges will be discussed during a student conference held on 10 October 2019 in Maastricht. The set-up of the conference is of an interdisciplinary nature looking at the role of shareholders from the legal and finance perspective as well as from the perspective of corporate practice.

After the plenary session (in English), there are three workshops. Two in Dutch and one in English. Participants have to choose a workshop prior to the conference.

This conference is open to all students, both bachelor and master students from the faculty of law as well as from other faculties. It is compulsory for the students of the course Ondernemingsrecht as it is part of this course.

The conference is free of charge.

Registration is now open. Please click on the green button on this website to register and to learn more about the programme and workshops.