03 Jul
12:00 - 16:30

GROWlympics 2024 🏆

Join the GROWlympics on July 3rd
and win the GROW cup with your team
12:00 – 16:30 | Register now 

Professional athletes and researchers might seem worlds apart, but in many ways they share common traits and face similar challenges: athletes train rigorously to compete at their best and researchers dedicate countless hours honing their skills and knowledge to make groundbreaking discoveries. Another key aspect is teamwork, athletes rely on their teammates for support and collaboration, much like how you collaborate with colleagues, mentors and experts to tackle complex problems and advance work. And precisely this passion and drive for excellence is needed during the GROWlympics!

Join us for a day full of camaraderie, friendly competition and the opportunity to showcase your teamwork in an Olympic-style setting. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or simply enjoy a challenge, or want to meet other GROW researchers and staff – this social event promises something exciting for everyone! The GROWlympics are an informal team building day for all GROW members. Team up with your colleagues and compete against other GROW teams. The games consist of eight easy-to-play sports activities. Working together is key to win the one and only GROWcup! … and don’t worry, you don’t have to train or prepare beforehand!(;

We are starting the day with a lunch at 12:00h and the games will take until around 15:30h (including breaks and announcing the winners). We will end the day together with drinks. Make sure to wear clothes that are comfortable and in which you can move well.

Registering a team
Each member should register individually. Please also send one e-mail per team with the name of the team and the members to secretariaat-grow@maastrichtuniversity.nl. The team should include 10-15 members. Can’t find enough team members but want to join? Contact us, so we can add you to an existing team or merge teams.

Referees needed!
We are also looking for 8 referees to help guiding the games, please select the option ‘referee’ during registration, if you want to be a referee! ​​​

​​​​Sign up and meet and compete against other GROW researchers! Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact secretariaat-grow@maastrichtuniversity.nl!

Best wishes,
GROW team 

GROWlympics 2024