21 Sep 12 Oct
19:30 - 21:30
Studium Generale | Lecture Series

Global Security: Perspectives, Issues and Challenges

This series already started, but it is possible to join the individual lectures.

We read, hear and talk about Global Security all the time, and the media continually updates us on news related to national or international security. It is also a field of study that investigates ways to make sense of and understand security politics, (in)security trends and issues of (in)security.

This series addresses concepts and perspectives of Global (In)Security. Birsen Erdogan will discuss several contemporary cases, sometimes in the company of her guests. You can expect conceptual and thematic discussions.

The individual lectures

3. Power competition and increasing insecurity (28 Sept/with Huang)
China and the Rising Powers
4. Is it all about us? (5 Oct)

Planetary (In)Security and the (Missing) Agency of the Global South in International Security
5. Hyper-security as insecurity (12 Oct)

Surveillance, Technology, Risk and Fear (and Everyday)