7 Apr 2021

DSRI Community Event 2021

Are you doing data science work and want to use something more powerful than your laptop? Come learn about UM’s updated Data Science Research Infrastructure (DSRI) on Wednesday 7 April 2021, from 10:00 to 15:00 hrs (ONLINE).


In 2018, Maastricht University established the Data Science Research Infrastructure (DSRI) as a specialized computing infrastructure to support data science and artificial intelligence research and applications. The DSRI is an OpenShift container storage based on the CEPH. It provides a graphical user interface for running and managing services and supports the OKD 4.6. At this event, participants will learn about the DSRI vision, progress and plans, and what research is currently being done using DSRI. They will also learn how to get started and have the opportunity to provide feedback to the DSRI team, which is composed of members from IDS and ICTS. Learn more about DSRI at our website.


N.B: For participation in the workshops, a UM email-address is required (@maastrichtuniversity.nl or @student.maastrichtuniversity.nl)