•   37 Jun
  • 4 Jun 14:30

    ITEM / BDZ Informatiesessie: Pensioenleeftijden NL/DU

    This page is available in Dutch and German

    For a long time now, the AOW age has been 65. The Netherlands has chosen to raise the state pension age in stages to the current 67 years in 2021. From 2021, the state pension age will be linked to life expectancy. As a result, the state pension age between 2022 and 2024 will be 67 years and 3 months.


  • 5 Jun 09:30
    - 19:00

    Courts and Internet Governance

    This conference builds on an initial exploration of the topic of decentralization held at the Faculty of Law at Oxford University in March 2019.

  • 5 Jun

    KidzCollege: Weet wat je eet!

    During this (Dutch-spoken) lecture by Alie de Boer you will take a look a different foods and labels on those foods. What is healthy? And why?

  • 5 Jun 16:00
    - 17:00

    Lecture by Prof Michael Zürn

    Prof Michael Zürn, Freie Universität Berlin, will give a lecture as a guest of the FASoS Research Programme Politics and Culture in Europe.

  • 5 Jun 19:00
    - 21:00
    Study information

    Open Evening - University College Venlo

    Visit University College Venlo and receive more information from our staff and students about choosing your own curriculum in the field of health, nutrition and business.

  •   67 Jun

    Conference "Ten years EU Eastern Partnership"

    Conference 10 years EU Eastern partnership:Democracy promotion, economic governance and geopolitics.

  • 6 Jun 11:30
    - 12:30

    Workshop 'Guide to your perfectly printed thesis'

    Gildeprint is giving a workshop 'Guide to your perfectly printed thesis' on June 6th 2019.
    Free lunch, registration obligated!

  • 6 Jun 12:00

    ITEM / BBZ Informatiesessie: Pensioenleeftijden NL/BE

    This event is only available in Dutch

    Lange tijd was de AOW-leeftijd 65 jaar. Nederland heeft ervoor gekozen de AOW-leeftijd gefaseerd te verhogen naar actueel 67 jaar in 2021. Vanaf 2021 is de AOW-leeftijd gekoppeld aan de levensverwachting. Daardoor is de AOW-leeftijd in de jaren 2022 tot en met 2024 67 jaar en 3 maanden.

  •   67 Jun 12:30
    - 13:30


    Democracy promotion, economic governance and geopolitics: Where next for the EU’s regional integration project with its eastern neighbours?


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