• 24 Jan
    Study information

    Experience Day SBE - 24 January 2018

    An “Experience Day at SBE” will allow you to get a real feel of what it’s like to study at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. 

  • 24 Jan 14:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD defence Ify Ogo

    Public defence by Ify Ogo, external PhD candidate METRO

  • 24 Jan 14:00
    PhD Defence

    Supervisor Ms Ifeyinwa Ogo, LL.M

    “Legal Reforms for Economic Development in Africa: how effective? A comparative investigation of legal reforms to improve public debt management in Nigeria and Rwanda”

  •   2527 Jan 09:00
    - 17:00

    19th EIPIN Congress on Innovation and Triple Helix

    The Innovation and the Triple Helix event will focus on:
    The importance of intellectual property for innovation; and the role for government, the private sector, and academia in driving innovation forward through cooperative action.

  • 25 Jan 13:30
    - 18:30

    Understanding European Crime and Criminal Justice and its Research

    the past 25 years, the present and the future

  • 25 Jan 14:00
    - 18:00

    Symposium: The Future of a Data-Driven Society

    Maastricht University invites you to join the conversation on ‘The Future of a Data-Driven Society’, to be held on the afternoon of Thursday 25 January 2018, the day before the Dies Natalis. The event will feature keynote lectures by inspiring leaders and competitions for world-changing visions and outstanding research proposals.

  • 26 Jan 15:30
    - 17:00

    Dies Natalis Celebration

    Maastricht University celebrates its 42nd birthday on Friday 26 January 2018 in Sint Janskerk, Maastricht.

  • 26 Jan 16:00
    - 17:30

    Kapuscinski Development Lecture by Professor Alcinda Honwana

    On January 26th, the UM Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will host the Kapuscinski Development Lecture. The lecture ‘Youth in Movement: Waithood, Migration and the Peripheries’ at FASoS will be given by Professor Alcinda Honwana, Inter-Regional Adviser on social development policy at the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs and visiting professor of Anthropology and International Development at the Open University in the UK

  • 29 Jan 13:00
    - 18:30

    Pensioenseminar 2018

    The 7th Pension Seminar Maastricht: Pensioen: ‘Outside in’ 

  • 29 Jan 16:30
    - 19:30

    Imaging methods

    This edition of the Forum is focused on imaging methods applicable to problems in physiology and biology.

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