2628 Jun 2019

12th Maastricht School on Data Science

With the promises of data science, modern organisations collect terabytes of data related to their function, market share, business activities, and daily operation. Usually the data collected provides only a low level view of the "facts and figures", and data science can help to translate this data into knowledge that can be used to understand and eventually improve the overall performance of the organisations.

Data science employes techniques from statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer science. It has been successfully applied in many domains including Business, Medicine,

Biology, economics, military, etc. As a result, most organisations are starting to recognise their need for data scientists specialists, and this is where this school can be of help.

Scope of the summer school

12th Maastricht School on Data Science

The school balances both theory and practice. We think it is important to not only learn to use the available techniques, but to also apply them correctly and when appropriate. Each lecture is accompanied by a lab, in which participants experiment with the techniques introduced in the lecture. A number of real data sets will be analysed and discussed. Throughout the duration of the school, participants develop their own abilities to safely and reliably apply data-science techniques for business and research purposes. 

For who?

This school is intended for four groups of data-science beginners: students, scientists, engineers, and experts in specific fields who need to apply data-science techniques to their scientific research, business management, or other related applications.

No special knowledge in statistics, artificial intelligence, or machine learning is required. An affinity with science is sufficient, as is a high degree of enthusiasm for new scientific approaches.

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