Entrance exam European Law School

This is a very demanding master’s programme. If you are a non-law graduate, you will only be admitted if the examination board is convinced that you will be able to cope satisfactorily. Admittance is not automatic upon passing the entrance exam. It is based on a combination of the exam with your previously obtained grades and motivation.

This exam comprises of 1 case study + 60 multiple-choice questions

Recommended literature

  • Textbook on EU Law (e.g. P. Craig & G. De Búrca, EU Law. Text, Cases and Materials, Oxford University Press, latest edition), ISBN 0199249431.

Concentrate on the following issues: History of EU, Institutions, Laws and Law-making in the EU, Principles of Direct Applicability, Direct Effects and Supremacy of EU Law, Free Movement of Goods, Free Movement of Persons.

During the exam you can use:

  • Blackstone’s EU Legislation
  • the Treaty on European Union
  • the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

Dates and location

The entrance exams will be held at the Faculy of Law of Maastricht University on Thursday 11 November, 2021. 


Registration is possible by filling out this registration form. Please register for this exam no later than 24 October by using the registration form.

Examination fee

You have to pay a fee of € 50,00. This fee can be paid by completing the registration form.