Entrance exam - Colloquium Doctum FASoS

  • Bachelor Arts and Culture
  • Bachelor Digital Society
  • Bachelor European Studies
  • Bachelor Global Studies

If you do not meet the admission requirements for one the above mentioned programmes, you may qualify for an entrance exam, the ‘Colloquium Doctum’.

You can take a Colloquium Doctum if you meet the following conditions:

  1. You are at least 21 years old at the start of the programme you applied for.
  2. You apply before 1 May 2024 the latest for the programme via Studielink (Global Studies before 1 March 2024).
  3. You submit the Colloquium Doctum application form (see below) before 1 May 2024.

Before you can participate in the Global Studies Colloquium Doctum, the Board of Admissions has to have accepted your registration for the program.

Recommended literature:

  • William Cronon, ‘The Trouble with Wilderness; or Getting Back to the Wrong Nature’, in William Cronon (ed.) Uncommon Ground: Rethinking the Human Place in Nature (New York and London: Norton, 1996) 69-90.
  • Boyd, D., & Crawford, K. (2012). Critical questions for big data: Provocations for a cultural, technological, and scholarly phenomenon. Information, Communication & Society, 15(5), 662- 679.
  • Behera, N.C. (2021). Globalization, deglobalization and knowledge production. International Affairs, 97: 1579-1597.

Global Studies
For the Bachelor Global Studies, UM strives to select students with a profound interest in one or more specific topics by a certain level of motivation. A wide range of criteria is used to determine the compatibility between your interests and the study programme. This means you need to write a motivation letter and an essay before you take the Colloquium Doctum Admissions exam. The deadline to submit the motivation letter and essay will be 1 March 2024.  

What will be tested?

During the Colloquium Doctum, we will test your understanding of a number of assigned texts (dealing major themes in the history of the Western world). You will have to pass a written exam with essay questions.
The exam will be about the readings and the arguments in these readings. We will not ask questions about historical developments that are outside the scope of the articles. It is important to read the three articles carefully and to understand their major ideas and reasoning. The exam will also test your ability to write and communicate ideas in the English language. In case the Colloquium Doctum committee has doubts about your English language proficiency, you are then required to submit (examsesc-fasos@maastrichtuniversity.nl) a language test certificate before 1 August 2024. Please find detailed information on our language requirements here.

The result 

If you pass the Colloquium Doctum exam, the Colloquium Doctum committee will send you a letter of acceptance for the program. After you meet all other registration requirements, we will finalize your registration.

In case you fail the Colloquium Doctum, the Colloquium Doctum committee will send you a rejection letter, meaning that we cannot admit you to the program.

The Faculty does not offer a resit for the Colloquium Doctum. A candidate may retake the Colloquium Doctum in a next academic year.



Step 1      Apply for the programme via Studielink before or on 1 May 2024 (Bachelor Global Studies before 1 March 2024).
Bachelor Global Studies: Your motivation letter and Essay have to be submitted before 1 March 2024 to: upload at Studielink.
Step 2Apply for the Colloquium Doctum by filling out the application form before or on 1 May 2024 as well. Please submit this form to: examsesc-fasos@maastrichtuniversity.nl.
Step 3You will receive practical information (including a PDF file of the recommended literature) about the Colloquium Doctum on 1 June 2024 the latest.

Exam date and administrative costs

The Colloquium Doctum Exam 2024 will take place on Tuesday 11 June 2024.
The costs for taking part in the Colloquium Doctum: €100,- .
The payment can be made by bank transfer only. You will receive information and an invoice in the 1st week of June 2024.