EDLAB Education Innovation Project

EDview research project

The EDview project investigated the current state of education at Maastricht University and charted new paths for the future.

CCCS principles

The EDview research project in 2027-2018 reflected on UM’s educational philosophy and practice around PBL. The project gave room for evidence-based educational change, such as a more creative and flexible PBL practice along the principles of constructive, collaborative, contextual, and self-directed learning.

Position Paper

EDview’s Research Phase resulted in a Position Paper presenting a shared view on the future of education at UM, focusing in particular on the role of Problem-Based Learning (PBL). Read the Executive Summary.

In addition, EDview put together a comprehensive overview of Do’s, Don’ts and Don’t Knows that followed from the Position Paper, ranging from the areas of teaching and designing education to marketing and communication, leadership and human resources.

Details on EDview’s research approach and methods, acknowledgements, and an overview of the EDview Project Team of this phase are included in EDview’s Appendices.

Next step: EDvance

The results of EDview’s Research Phase were presented at an EDview Symposium on 23 October 2018. The symposium offered a variety of interactive sessions, in which over 200 participants (staff and students) provided valuable input for the next step of the project: the EDvance project, designed as a practical follow-up on the EDview results.