Emergencies outside the UM premises

In case of an emergency, call the national EMERGENCY NUMBER 112. Here they will inquire whether you need an ambulance, the police or the fire department and will connect you to the right department. If you need the police but it is not an emergency, please call 0900 8844.

Emergencies on UM premises

Emergencies must be reported via phone number 1333. You will need to indicate:

  • your name, phone number the building you are in
  • what has happened and where (floor, exact location)
  • whether anyone has been injured
  • any special circumstances or details

What is an incident or emergency?

  • you find someone sick or injured
  • you see smoke or fire
  • you witness a theft
  • you feel intimidated
  • You notice a strange smell or sound 

In urgent need to contact FPN IRO after office hours?

FPN IRO is not a substitute for general emergency numbers. However, if you are in urgent need to contact FPN IRO you can dial (after 4.30 p.m./weekends/holidays/): +31-43 388 44 44  

Emergencies are: 

  • personal accident involving hospitalization; 
  • death in the family; 
  • accidents of a criminal nature (e.g. you have been robbed). 

Not an emergency: 

  • you have a terrible headache; 
  • you have a fight with a roommate; 
  • you have a test and forgot to study.