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Insights and Reflections

The Student Voice

Lena Gromotka

Yes, students complain, but let us also listen to their suggestions
In her experience as EDLAB Innovation Coordinator and a former UM student, Lena Gromotka has encountered four types of student voices - the Complainer, the Critic, the Idealist, and the Suggester. In this reflective piece, she envisions a larger role for students' perspectives in education.

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A community of practice in search of an identity
In the spring of 2022, EDLAB set up a Community of Practice (CoP) for a group of teaching professionals, study advisors and students around the topic of blended learning. But the experiment soon ran into an identity crisis. The two CoP leaders Annechien Deelman and Hans Savelberg share the story.

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Writing for edUMinded

edUMinded is a collegial collaboration where the EDLAB editorial team works directly with educators and researchers to publish articles for a broad audience.

edUminded accepts contributions from anyone who feels connected with the Teaching & Learning community of Maastricht University. Articles are generally related to one or more of the following perspectives:

  • I did/made/tried/learned/found out about this, and here is why you should know about it. 
  • I read/saw/heard this, and here is why you should know about it.
  • I think this, and here is why you should know about it.
  • I know, researched (and possibly published about) this, and here is why you should know about it.
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Why edUMinded


edUMinded is a platform where Maastricht University teachers, education professionals and students showcase their expertise, share insights and connect with colleagues in key areas of UM education and educational research:

  • problem-based learning education

  • the international classroom

  • global citizenship education

  • diversity and inclusivity
  • educational innovation
  • educational research
  • support for teachers and education professionals