Eliza Steinbock (E.A.)

Dr Eliza Steinbock is Associate Professor of Gender and Diversity Studies based in the Literature and Art Department at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University.


They are director of the Centre for Gender and Diversity (CGD), a platform that aims to connect researchers in the fields of gender and diversity studies, to facilitate networking with societal partners, and to enhance public-facing scholarship.​ Eliza is in the research program of Arts, Media and Culture (a board member), an affiliated researcher to the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage, and member of the Advisory Council to the Diversity and Inclusivity Office.


Eliza specializes in the study of visuality and material culture, focusing on questions of transgender cultural production and the intersectional analysis of inclusion/exclusion mechanisms.


In the Netherlands Eliza is project-leader of the national consortium “The Critical Visitor: Intersectional Approaches for Rethinking and Retooling Accessibility and Inclusivity in Heritage Spaces” (2020-2025) funded by the Dutch Research Council. Together with 15 partners, the research team of Eliza, Hester Dibbits, Dirk van den Heuvel, Noah Littel and Liang-kai Yu investigates how the organization, collection, and exhibition spaces of heritage can meet the breadth of demands placed by today’s “critical visitors” for queering, decolonizing, and cripping.


Eliza has published over 40 articles and book chapters on contemporary visual culture analyzing the intersecting dimensions of gender, sexuality, race, and ability. They authored the Society for Cinema and Media Studies awarded best first book, Shimmering Images: Trans Cinema, Embodiment, and the Aesthetics of Change (Duke, 2019) and is co-editor of Art and Activism in the Age of Systemic Crisis: Aesthetic Resilience (Routledge, 2020). Their most recent edited volume is the June 2021 TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly "Europa Issue" co-edited with Yv E. Nay. Together with Susan Stryker and Jian Neo Chen, Eliza co-edits the new Duke book series for critical trans studies, ASTERISK: Gender, Trans-, and All That Comes After.