Inclusive Facilities

Maastricht University is committed to ensuring that students and staff feel welcomed and supported, regardless of their background.

To achieve this goal, UM buildings are equipped with a range of inclusive facilities designed to accommodate diverse identities, needs, and responsibilities. Inclusive facilities such as: quiet and prayer rooms, all gender toilets, accessible toilets, cabinets with free menstrual products, lactation and resting rooms, baby changing facilities.

Explore this webpage to learn about the various types of inclusive facilities available at UM, their features, and find a map that will help you to locate them.

Interactive Map

Find the Inclusive Facilities with our interactive map. Access the map by clicking on the orange box.

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Quiet and Prayer Rooms

These rooms offer a quiet space for prayer, spiritual practice, and quiet reflection. All UM students and staff, from all faculties and departments, and UM visitors are welcome to use this space during a work or study day. These are shared spaces, and it is expected that you respect other users. Please ensure that you leave the room as you found it.

All Gender Toilets

These toilet facilities are marked with ⚧, and are available to everyone regardless of gender.

Accessible Toilets

These toilets have more room than the average toilets, and are accessible step-free. They are equipped with wall handles for support and a lower sink. These toilets are intended for use by those who need a wheelchair accessible space, have mobility issues, or benefit from any of the features provided.

Lactation & Resting Rooms

These rooms are intended to provide a private space for those who are breastfeeding to feed or pump, and as a resting space for those who are pregnant and need to rest. These rooms are equipped with a fridge for milk storage, and comfortable seating.

Baby Changing Facilities

These spaces are equipped with changing tables to ensure a safe area for changing babies and children. Most of these take form of a fold-down changing table, with access to waste disposal and a sink.

Free Menstrual Products

Visual Bloody Serious pink on white

In support of menstrual well-being, free menstrual products are  provided  to UM staff, students and visitors throughout all UM locations. The menstrual  products are stored in small cabinets within selected toilets. Refer to our interactive map for precise locations.