Contract education

The faculty offers non-students limited course placements on a contract basis. The costs are determined by the number of ECTS credits (study load) of each course block: € 114,- per credit for both bachelor's and master's courses (subject to change).

You can be admitted to a programme’s propaedeutic phase if you meet the admissions requirements. You are only permitted to years 2 and 3 of a bachelor’s programme if you hold a propaedeutic diploma in Dutch Law or have passed all components of the propaedeutic phase of a law programme (and submit a certificate to that effect). Exceptions can be made on the basis of relevant work experience.

If you meet the attendance requirements of the course, you can request the Education Office secretariat for a certificate of attendance. Exam components taken as part of contract education cannot be used for bachelor’s or master’s exams.

Contract education application forms are available from the Education Office secretariat (tel. +31 43 388 4806 or nicki.vandijk[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl). Applications must be received at least two months before the start of the relevant course.

Cancellation is only possible until three weeks before the start of the course. The fee will then be refunded, taking into account €50 administrative costs. No refunding is possible after this date.