Colloquium Doctum Psychology

If you do not have a VWO diploma and/or do not have the right profile/package of subjects, then you can do an entrance examination, the so-called Colloquium Doctum examination. For this you must be at least 21 years old at the time of taking the colloquium doctum.

For the English track: the examination will test your knowledge in three areas: English, Mathematics and Biology. For the Dutch track, your Dutch languages skills will be tested as well. Successful completion of the entrance examination can offer you access to the Bachelor in Psychology. However your admission will then depend on the outcome of the Selection procedure. 

Content of the entrance examination

  • Active proficiency in spoken and written Dutch (Dutch track only)
  • Passive proficiency in English (English and Dutch track)
  • Knowledge VWO Mathematics A and Biology (English and Dutch track)

Registering for the Colloquium Doctum

Complete the registration form (at the end of this PDF)   Colloquium Doctum bachelor Psychology and send this to:

Psychology and Neuroscience UM
f.a.o. Mr M. Jenneskens
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht

Bear in mind that the registration procedure takes more time if you need to do the entrance examination. You should therefore register in good time and in any case before 15 May 2024. Note: this is the admission deadline for the Colloquium Doctum, the admission deadline for the Selection procedure is 15 January 2024.

Costs entrance examination

The registration fee is € 100.00

Please transfer this sum before 1 May to: IBAN NL47INGB0657625418
ING Bank, account holder: UM Randwijck
State budget number 5001000009 and ‘Colloquium Doctum Psychology’

See the Colloquium Doctum Psychology Regulation