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  • Can Member States prohibit pupils from attending education abroad, simply on the belief that it might hamper the integration of the children into society? But what of possible justification grounds?

  • After more than seventy years of the trials in Neurenberg and Tokio, and more than twenty years since the set up of the ad hoc-tribunals for former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, we wonder wether something is wrong with the International Criminal Court? (Dutch only)

  • On 10 October 2017, Catalonia issued and then immediately suspended its declaration of independence, and urged Spain to negotiate. Spain does not want to negotiate.

  • The recent case of the Volkswagen emissions scandal can be an example of how the law also upholds the interests of the environment towards companies. These are all examples of the law keeping companies in check, but in the past couple of years companies have taken it a step further.

  • A handbook, a practical tool for users”; this is how Dr. Thomas Kirchberger defines his thesis, in which he covers the relation between Open Design and Intellectual Property. On Friday 29th of September 2017, Dr. Kirchberger came to our Law Faculty to discuss this topic and analyse how open design...

  • Expect no mercy

    ‘Expect no mercy’

    In November 2016 the Public Prosecution Department (OM) announced to prepare civil proceedings against the Bandidos Motorcycle Club (MC). The government has to protect the citizens. The freedom of association stops once the encouragement and the use of criminal acts starts. (Dutch only)

  • A 83-year-old man suffered severe brain damage due to a fall in a bank. The man was brought to a hospital where he died one week later. A medical report then showed that the lack of assistance did not (even partly) contribute to the man’s unfortunate death. Still, the refusal to help had certain...

  • While there are no indications that the number of serious violations of integrity in law enforcement has increased over the past five years, the violations are getting more serious. Investigating authorities such as the Dutch National Police Internal Investigations Department are faced with more...

  • Asylum seekers usually do not cross borders with a bag of documents. They have lost their personal belongings or have been confiscated by smugglers. Oral statements are therefore the only proof of origin. (Dutch only)