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  • The results of the election in the Netherlands is that the biggest party only has 33 seats out of 150. At least four parties are needed for a majority government. How will this lead to a new coalition? (in Dutch) by Peter Bootsma.

  • It is indeed striking that Tusk's appointment for another two and a half year as President of the European Council was NOT a unanimous decision in the European Council.

  • According to electoral legislation Dutch nationals who stay abroad, are able to exercise their rights to vote as well. Therefore they need to register as such. This blog is only available in Dutch.

  • The British House of Lords (358-256) has accepted the amendment to the Brexit Bill (Notification of Withdrawal) as adopted by the House of Commons. (Dutch only)

  • As you may remember: in April 2016 the majority of the voters voted 'no' against the ratification act of this association agreement. According to the referendum a legislative proposal is needed as soon as possible in which the effects of the referendum will be arranged. (Dutch only)

  • Recommendations to the new State Commission by Montesquieu Institute: confidence will not be recovered by large or small constitutional interventions. (Dutch only)

  • When Trump tweeted "See you in Court, the security of our nation is at stake" he was absolutely right, but not as he intended it to mean. Because yes, courts are essential for the security of (the citizens of) the state.

  • It is not that listening to the electorate is wrong. It is not wrong either to build a campaign on perceived wishes of the electorate. Trying to win an electoral campaign either, is wrong.

  • The UK Supreme Court has ruled: no Brexit without prior involvement of Parliament! It is often said that courts may enter the political domain as the representative of the people and the body to which governments should be accountable.

  • Trump for President MLR blogs

    Blind trust?

    May the US President appoint his son in law as advisor to the White House? For quite a lot formal appointments the President needs the advice and consent (permission) from the senate, but not here. Is it permissible?